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Manufacturing and Rebuilding

Our team identifies and corrects problem areas on many different makes and models of centrifuges. With this, Cen-Tex is able to innovate and design robust machines for many applications.

Are you paying too much for your centrifuge repair?  Cen-Tex repairs all makes and models of horizontal centrifuges from Alfa-Laval, Derrick, Hutch-Hayes, Sharples, Bird, Flottweg, Centrisys, and Westfalia just to name a few. When your OEM parts wear out or are unable to be repaired Cen-Tex designs and manufactures replacement parts in house saving thousands of dollars and time over purchasing from the OEM.

As a centrifuge rebuilder, Cen-Tex looks at your machine as we would one of our own, giving it all that it deserves on each and every repair.

Through innovation and strict quality-control procedures, our dedicated crew at Cen-Tex Centrifuge is able to repair or rebuild your existing centrifuge and return it to you in as good or better condition than new. Cen-Tex also offers 24/7 service and tech-support.


Is renting equipment the better choice?

If your company has a short-term project, credit or financing concerns, a short-term, specialized need, or needs to get started now, renting may be your best option.

How can we help? Call us today at 936-344-2052

, and we’ll work together with you to quickly determine the right centrifuge for your application.

You can rent or lease centrifuges, centrifuge stands, feed pumps, discharge pumps, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) as well.

Whether it’s for a week, a month, or a year Cen-Tex Centrifuge is there for you with a deep inventory of centrifuge rental equipment, and we’re ready to serve.