CenTex began manufacturing decanter centrifuges to provide a reliable solution for our customers. Our customers were looking to maximize performance while saving money.
We manufacture centrifuges in Texas using the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. The rotating assembly and case are made with stainless steel. Throughout the rotating assembly you will find tungsten carbide wear protection to ensure the longest possible run time between rebuilds. Our conveyor flights also include tungsten carbide tiles along the entire length. Additionally, there are tungsten carbide feed nozzles and a tungsten hard faced feed acceleratorThe solids discharge end of the bowl is a 360 degree discharge design. This too is lined with tungsten carbide in all the product contact areas. Every CenTex decanter comes equipped with an inline back drive motor coupled to a two-stage planetary gearbox. Each gearbox operates at high speeds under high torque loads to keep up with the increasing high volumes.

CenTex Decanters

CenTex 1865

The CenTex 1865 is our flagship big bowl decanter known for its user friendly design with low repair and maintenance cost. The 1865 is capable of processing high volumes at high speeds making a great cut on both oil and water based fluids. One of the key features on our 1865 is that this unit only requires 100 amps of 480VAC power. For more information click here.

CenTex 2077

The CenTex 2077 decanter has all the same great features of the 1865. This machine is scaled-up to meet the processing volumes of today’s companies. Like the 1865, our 2077 is also capable of processing high volumes at high speeds making a great cut. One of the key features on our 2077 is the ability to run a deep pool making a greater cut on both oil and water-based fluids. For more information click here.



CenTex Centrifuge values our clients. We understand the importance of having a business-focused, user-friendly solution that works. For this reason, we continue to improve and modify our horizontal decanter centrifuge solutions. These modifications and improvements have significantly increased the longevity of our machines as well as increased the ease of use. 


Your company matters to us. Your centrifuge uptime, operation, and efficiency matters to us. While we are experts at working on many different makes and models of horizontal decanter centrifuges, we know our machines the best. Our team is committed to ensuring that your CenTex Centrifuge is up and running consistently and effectively.

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