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Your centrifuge uptime is our priority. We understand that the uptime, efficiency, and overall reliability of your centrifuge is essential to your profitability. CenTex is committed to help you meet all of your centrifuge needs.

About Us

Cen-Tex is founded upon solid principles and committed to continuously improving efficiencies and effectiveness in the centrifuge industry.

Our customers count on our dedication to excellence in centrifuge manufacturing, repairs, rebuilds, and rentals.

If your company’s business involves liquid/solid separation in the oil, rendering, petrochemical, paper, mining, municipal waste-water and environmental industries, Cen-Tex is your go-to option for all things industrial centrifuge, equipment & immediate service.
H O T  P R O D U C T

CenTex 2077

Looking for the perfect balance of main and back drive horsepower to cubic inches of volume? Take a look at our latest, the Cen-Tex 2077. Both the Cen-Tex 1656 and the Cen-Tex 2077 centrifuges utilize the concepts found to be so efficient and effective with the Cen-Tex 1865 centrifuge.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“There are a lot of fly-by-night centrifuge repair companies out there and CenTex Centrifuge is certainly NOT one of them. The CenTex team truly understands every detail of the centrifuge machines they work on, and they make every effort to make sure everything is done correctly. CenTex stands by their repairs, and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy customers. CenTex has repaired four of our Sharples P-3000 centrifuges over the last year, most of which were in a very bad state of neglect, and some of which were over 40 years old!  They have been restored to a like-new condition, and have been running great ever since. Now, with only routine lubrication and cleaning, we are experiencing zero down-time with our like-new centrifuges.”

Clint Adam


We were in dire need of a centrifuge solution as our current machines were only lasting 4-6 months between rebuilds. CenTex Centrifuge was sent a rotating assembly to repair and were able to get us back up and running in a couple weeks with top-notch quality and service! This first unit CenTex rebuilt is still in operation, 18 months later!!!